Necesita axuda?


Veña a charlar connosco a #clementine canle en Freenode. Please remember to stick around after asking a question - we might be in a different timezone so won't see your question right away.


Clementine uses Google Groups for its forum/mailing list/general discussion group.


Informar de erros e propoñer parches

Clementine uses GitHub for development and issue tracking. If you have found a bug in Clementine, please head on over to the issue tracker and create a new issue.

Traducindo a interface

If you'd like to translate Clementine into another language you can do so on the Transifex translations page. You can either do the translation directly on Transifex, or download a .po file from the site and then email it back to us.


Development on Clementine happens in O repositorio git. Check out the code by running:

git clone clementine-player

If you'd prefer not to compile the development version yourself then try one of the hourly packages:

There's also an Ubuntu PPA for these development builds:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine-dev
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clementine

Aplicación remota para Android

Clementine Remote is hosted on another GitHub repository.
You can report issues and propose patches on its bug tracker.
You can translate the interface on this Transifex project.

Social Networking

We'd love to see you support Clementine by joining us on your favourite social networking site!


You can find lovely Clementine stickers on UnixStickers.
They will be perfect to customise your laptop and show how much you love your favourite music player!


Currently, we do not need money and as so we do not accept money donation. If you like our software and want to help us, you can support us and spread the word.
You can also help by participating to the software development, as explained above.
But if you still want to spend some money to make us happy, you can make a donation to one of these charity organizations we like and let us know: